410. Circulation Policy

  1. Patron’s Rights and Responsibilities

The Karl Junginger Memorial Library recognizes a policy of open access to all collections, formats, and types of materials housed within its confines by all individuals and does not abridge or deny access to any materials because of age, background, origin, or views.

This policy of open access is acknowledged by the American Library Association, the Library Bill of Rights, and by the Karl Junginger Memorial Library Board of Trustees.

Libraries and governing bodies maintain that parents or legal guardians, and only parents or legal guardians, have the right and responsibility to restrict access of their children, and only their children, to library resources.  Librarians and governing bodies have a professional and public obligation to provide equal access to all library resources for all library users.

Patrons must bring their own library card, or provide a library barcode using the CAFÉ APP when checking out materials from the library. Patrons will be allowed one time to show an ID in place of their library card. Patrons of the public library assume responsibility for library items checked out to them.  Included in this responsibility is the obligation by the patron to reimburse the library for all damaged or lost materials as well as settling any charges accrued by the patron for overdue materials.

A State of Wisconsin driver’s license or a State of Wisconsin identification card, or a photo ID plus a piece of official mail (such as a utility bill, rent receipt, or bank statement) with a Wisconsin Address is required to be issued a library card.  All eligible applicants must complete an Application for Library Borrower Privileges.  An individual under the age of 17 must have a guardian/parental signature on the completed application form.

Temporary Patrons

Patrons who are working at a local business for a temporary period who do not have a Wisconsin state ID or License will not be allowed to check out materials from other libraries in the Bridges Library Consortium. The maximum number of KJML items that these patrons will be allowed to check out at a time is five (5).

  1. Circulation

Several circulation periods are in place for different formats:    

21-day circulation                       

      Books  (except new)

      Books in audio format

Kits (books and audio formats)

14-day circulation

Nonfiction & season sets in video format

New books

      Lucky day book materials                                                      

Music in audio format

            7-day circulation

Feature films in video format

Lucky day films in video format

Wi-Fi Hotspots



Reference materials

The library reserves the right to extend these loan periods for certain classes of patrons (e.g. teachers, institutions), at the discretion of the library staff.

Circulating materials may be renewed for three loan periods after the initial check out if there are no holds on these items.

There is a limit of 250 total items that may be checked out on a library card. Limits for checking out media items at the Waterloo Library are: 10 items in video format, 10 books in audio format, and 10 music items in audio format per card. There is a limit of a total of 100 items you may place on Hold.

The Karl Junginger Memorial Library purchases popular and educational videos.  These collections include films that are not rated, films that are rated G, PG, and PG-13, and R.  This library is an open access library, and its personnel are not responsible for limiting patron access to the film collections on the basis of age.

3. Fines

Beginning September 2021 there will be no fines on library items except for the following:

  • Lucky Day/Browsing Collection
  • WiFi Hotspots
  • Milwaukee Fun Pass
  • VHS to DVD Conversion kit
  • Disc Golf Kits
  • Trek Electra Bike
  • Anything Equipment related (Chromebooks, laptops, Blu-Ray player, Ukulele etc)

The daily fine rate for Lucky Day/Browsing books: $0.15.

Daily fine rate for Lucky Day/Browsing video format items: $1.00

WiFi Hotspots: $2.00

Milwaukee Fun Pass: $10.00

VHS to DVD Conversion Kit: $2.00

Disc Golf Kits: $5.00

Trek Electra Bike: $5.00

Equipment: $2.00

There is no grace period for overdue materials.  Items may be renewed in person, by phone, or online.

The maximum fine amounts are: $10.00

Patrons with library debts of $10.00 or more may not check out further items until the charges are below the $10.00 limit.

When a checked out library item becomes long overdue, it is declared lost, and the borrower is issued a lost item billing (Notice of Fine or Fee) that includes the replacement cost, a processing fee, and when applicable, the maximum overdue or recall fine for each lost item.

Replacement costs are determined by the discretion of Library Director using such resources as; publishing industry averages, current fair market values, specific cost determination by the Libraries’ Content Development, and library purchasing staff.

  1. Notices

Notices for overdue items are emailed or mailed out once a week on Tuesday.  After two notices, patrons will be billed for the missing items.

Failure to receive timely notices will not excuse the patron from overdue charges or other costs.  It is the sole responsibility of patrons to promptly notify the library of address changes.     

  1. Damaged/Lost Library Materials 

Patrons will be charged the current replacement cost for materials damaged or lost while checked out on their patron record.

  1. Replacement of Library Cards

Patrons will be charged for the replacement of lost or damaged library cards at the following rates:

$1.00 for the first replacement

$2.00 for any subsequent replacements

Adopted: 04/28/2003
Amended: 05/27/2004, 06/22/2006, 01/22/2013, 11/11/2014, 04/14/2015, 05/19/2015, 06/21/2016, 10/18/2016, 11/07/2017, 02/27/2018, 09/11/2018, 04/11/2019, 04/13/2021, 10/26/2021