515.  Community Facility Use Policy

Checks for deposits must be separate from checks for rental fees. Deposits are due with the submission of the reservation form. The deposit check will be returned if a self-addressed stamped envelope is provided or shredded within 5 working days of the event and following inspection of the facility after its use. Rental fees are due no later than the day of the reservation. All checks should be made payable to Karl Junginger Memorial Library. Ask about availability and use of AV equipment.

Deposit                       Group                                                                         Rental Fee

None                           City of Waterloo/Gov’t Agency                                 None

None                           Schools                                                                       None

None                           MATC                                                                         Negotiated

$50                              Non-profit organization                                              None

$50                              Groups or businesses mtg. for not-for-profit              None

$50                              Private gathering                                                         $20 per hour

$50                              Programs with the sole purpose of sales or profit      $30 per hour

Fees apply to both the Junginger Community Room and Hyer Conference Room, where applicable. The following rules shall govern the reservation and use of both rooms.

  • The application is not official until a completed application is received by library personnel with the required deposit, if any.  Deposits are payable at the time of application. Users must include a self-addressed stamped envelope with the deposit unless they request the deposit check to be shredded.
  • Deposits must be paid by check, separate from rental fee checks.  If there are no charges for damages or cleaning fees for the facility after use, the deposit check will be returned to the organization or shredded within 5 working days of the event.
  • All rental fees, if any, are due no later than the date of use.
  • If a key is needed to access the facility, it must be signed out during library hours just before the event. If the key is not checked out prior to the event, the $50 deposit will be forfeited automatically. Staff may not be contacted at home for any reason.
  • If the library facility has sustained damages through use of the facility, or if library personnel must clean the facility after such use, all of the deposit will be retained by the library to cover costs. Damages in excess of the deposit will be billed.
  • Cancellations should be made a minimum of 48 hours in advance, except in cases of inclement weather. 
  • All reservation applications must be signed by an adult at least 18 years of age.  An adult, age 18 or older, must be in attendance during the entire reservation time and until all participants have left the building.
  • No use of alcohol or tobacco is allowed in any area of the building.  Fire and safety laws must be observed. Alcohol is not permitted in any area of the building, except alcohol will be allowed during specifically approved library functions, and Friends of the Library events when the FOL organization obtains a picnic license from the city of Waterloo.
  • If the room is not clean and/or the furniture has not been returned to the proper arrangement, the $50 deposit will be forfeited
  • If the fire alarm is pulled by accident your rental deposit will be kept by the Karl Junginger Memorial Library. Additional Fire/EMS fees may be incurred up to $200.00.
  • Cleanup Checklist needs to be completed with signature and date. The Cleanup Checklist should be left on the kitchen counter in the Junginger Community Room or on the conference table in the Hyer Conference Room. In addition to the cleanup checklist tables and chairs must be returned to their proper arrangement (refer to the laminated green cleanup checklist and room arrangement map located in the Junginger Community Room only).
  • If library keys for the facility were borrowed, they should be returned in the outside book drop, after the door has been locked, if library is closed or at the front desk if the library is still open. If the key is not returned after the event the $50 deposit will be forfeited and you will be charged for any necessary re-keying fees.
  • If the library is closed during the event, or closes before the event has ended, check that all lights are off and that all external doors used are locked and secure. The $50 deposit will be retained by the library if lights are left on or doors are left open/unlocked.
  • The reservation of any room or facility within the library does not constitute endorsement of the users of said rooms or their beliefs by the Library Board, library staff or the City of Waterloo.  The Library Board and library staff will not discriminate, on the basis of gender, ethnic group, age, religious beliefs, or sexual preferences, against any group wishing to use the facilities, as long as said group adheres to these policies.
  • Recurring reservations must be resubmitted for each new calendar year with a new reservation form and deposit check, when needed. Should such a group’s reservation also cease at the end of a school year, a new reservation form will be required when the group recommences its meetings.
  • The Library Board reserves the right to review and/or refuse future use of any library facility for previous infringement of the rules or policies governing facility use. 
  • Use of either the Hyer Conference Room or Junginger Meeting Room occurring during open hours must not disrupt the use of the library by others. 
  • In the event a dispute arises regarding the use of any facility, the final decision rests with the Library Director.
  • The library reserves the right to cancel a scheduled reservation due to unforeseen circumstances.  Notification of such cancellation will be given a minimum of 24 hours in advance.  However, should inclement weather force the closing of the library, 24 hours’ notice may not be possible.  It is recommended that all organizations contact the library if inclement weather threatens.