Starting April 27, the Library will be providing a NO CONTACT curbside holds pickup service. This service will be available from 12:00 AM – 4:00 PM, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday and 12:00 to 5:00 on Wednesday. To support social distancing, we are operating with limited staff. We appreciate your patience, as wait times may be longer than usual.

1. Place your items on hold.
• Go to our catalog and place the items you’d like on hold. All items must be on the shelf at the Karl Junginger Memorial Library. Make sure the pickup location is set to Waterloo Public Library as well.
• If you need assistance placing your holds, please call us at 920-478-3344.
• Online and phone orders must be in by 11:00 am for same day pick up.

2. Schedule your pickup time.
• Library staff will contact you to let you know your items are available to pick up.
• You should call when you get to the library parking lot. If you do not have cell service, please speak with library staff to schedule a specific pick up time, 920-478-3344.

3. Come and get your items.
• During your scheduled pickup time, enter the Library parking lot pull up to the entrance.
Open your trunk or back window in your vehicle. Stay in your vehicle.
• Call 920-478-3344 to let us know you have arrived.
• Hold your library card up to your window and staff will check.
• A staff member will place your holds in your trunk or back window.
• Please do not give items to be returned to staff members. You will need to place these in the outside book return.
• Enjoy! All items are due June 1, 2020 with the exception of WiFi Hotspots.

Please remember, Karl Junginger Memorial Library remains closed to the public. Lobbies, restrooms, computers, and other spaces are not accessible. If you need to return materials, please use our outside book return.


Can I place a hold over the telephone?
Absolutely! Just call us at 920-478-3344 for help with any part of the process.

How do I return materials?
All materials are now due on June 1, so feel free to hang on to them for a while. If you need to return materials, please use our outside book return. Do not give return items to staff. The exception to this is the WiFi Hotspots, they are due in 1 week.

Are all materials available for pickup?
Yes! All materials currently on the shelf at Karl Junginger Memorial Library are available for pickup. At this time, we are not able to get materials from other libraries, and we are not able to place interlibrary loan requests.

Are library materials safe to use?
All of our materials will have been quarantined for a minimum of 72 hours and/or sanitized before they are made available to the public, but we cannot guarantee that they will be virus-free. Please take into consideration your needs and comfort level when deciding whether or not to use library materials.

What if I don’t have a cell phone?
If you do not have a cell phone that you can use when you come to pick up your items, please notify us ahead of time so that we can make alternate arrangements with you.

Do I need a library card?
Yes, you must have a library card with the Bridges Library System to use our holds pickup service. If you have a temporary e-card, please call 920-478-3344 you will need to email us a photo ID for proof of address and our staff will create a card for you. We will place your new card in the bag with your materials when you pick them up.

What if I have fines?
If you need to pay your fines, our online fine payment system is still available. Just log into your account to pay your fines online.

How long do I have to pick up my materials?
You have one week from the time library staff contacts you to schedule a pick up time.

What if it is raining or snowing?
We will try our best to continue pickup service in any weather. Materials will be in plastic bags. Feel free to call 920-478-3344 if you are concerned that the weather may impact your pickup time.

What are you doing to protect the safety of patrons and staff?
The no contact service we are using provides maximum social distancing for both patrons and staff. Library staff will follow the safety guidelines set forth by Governor Evers’ Safer at Home Guidelines and the Center for Disease Control.

Why are you using plastic bags for pickup items?
Plastic bags are a temporary measure to protect patron privacy, protect our materials, and to limit unnecessary human contact with Library items.

Please remember!
In order to respect the need for social distancing, patrons and staff should not approach one another when you come to pick up your items. Please stay in your vehicle. Unfortunately, this is not a time to socialize or chat with your favorite library staff member. This may feel uncomfortable, but it is necessary to maintain safe conditions for everyone. Please feel free to call us at 920-478-3344 if you have questions or concerns about picking up your items.

March 23, 2020

Following City orders as of March 23, the library is CLOSED completely. Staff are ONLY available by email until further notice. Please do NOT return items until May 1. Unfortunately, since the Safer at Home Order we have discontinued curbside service options. The Wisconsin State EMERGENCY ORDER #12 SAFER AT HOME ORDER – “4. Closures. All of the following facilities shall be closed: a. Public and private K-12 schools and public libraries. Except for facilitating distance learning or virtual learning, public and private K-12 schools are closed for pupil instruction and extracurricular activities. Libraries shall close for all in-person services, but may continue to provide on-line services and programming.”

Library staff continue to work from their homes gaining resources and training on how to serve you best under these new restrictions.

March 17, 2020

All items are now due, May 1. We will still allow items to be returned in the outside book drop, if you’d like to return items before May 1. We are working on a plan for curbside pick-up of current HOLD items and KJM Library items starting next week.

A limited amount of tax forms have been placed on a cart outside the library’s front entry doors for the public to pick up. This cart will be outside when staff is in the building.

March 15, 2020

The library will be closed to the public starting Monday, March 16 until further notice. Staff will be available to answer the phones and email.

The KJM Library is canceling all programs and the meetings of all outside groups that use the facility through April 6, 2020. We will reassess the situation at that time. Thanks for your understanding as we work to protect the health of KJML patrons and staff. Library material due dates will be extended.

March 13, 2020

Due to current guidelines from public health officials, the Karl Junginger Memorial Library will be canceling all programs from Monday, March 16 until Sunday April 5 and re-evaluate then. At this time the library will maintain regular hours and will make further announcements if necessary.

Dear Patrons,
The safety of our patrons and employees is a priority to Karl Junginger Memorial Library. We are working to stay on top of this evolving COVID-19 situation by following guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control, WI Department of Health Services, and the Jefferson County Health Department.
Our current plan is to: 1) prioritize the safety and health of our staff and patrons; 2) continue serving your library needs for the time being; 3) plan ahead for changing circumstances.
• Centers for Disease Control & Prevention: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/
• Wisconsin Department of Health Services: https://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/disease/covid-19.htm
• Jefferson County Health Dept.: https://www.jeffersoncountywi.gov/departments/health/index.php
What can you do?
As the State of WI says:
Wash your hands. Cough into your elbow. Stay home if sick.
According to the most recent information from the CDC, for most people, the immediate risk of being exposed to the virus that causes COVID-19 is thought to be low. We encourage any concerned patrons, especially those in high-risk populations, to stay home if they are feeling ill or are simply concerned about potential exposure.
Please keep in mind, as a public space, the Library cannot guarantee a germ-free environment or germ-free physical materials. You need to consider if using library materials, or visiting the Library or other public spaces, is best for you and your family. As a reminder, the Library has many digital services available to you for free; check out our collections at https://bridgeslibrarysystem.org/online-tools/
What is Karl Junginger Memorial Library doing?
Library Cleaning: We want you to feel confident visiting KJML. Our staff will be disinfecting computer keyboards and mice on a nightly basis. Our custodian will keep disinfecting the library on high touch areas such as counter and table tops, and doorknobs.
Library Materials Cleaning: Collection materials are not disinfected when they are checked-in or as they are browsed or used in-house due to limited resources and supplies.
Staff and Patron Hygiene: While supplies last, we are making hand sanitizer and wipes available to staff and patrons, plus we are encouraging frequent hand-washing by everyone.
Library Services: We are developing staffing and service models should we need to reduce services.
Next Steps: We are monitoring this developing situation closely, staying up-to-date on info from federal agencies, health organizations, and other experts.
We will continue to communicate any further impacts to KJML.
Thank you for working with us to keep KJML a healthy environment.
Kelli Mountford
Library Director