CURRENT KJM Library Guidelines – June 2022

  • The library has now reverted back to pre-COVID policies.
  • A reminder of our child policies:
    •  All children eight (8) years of age or younger shall, at all times, be attended and adequately supervised by a responsible adult or mature adolescent twelve (12) years of age or older while they are using the library; this includes while children are participating in library programs unless otherwise specified.
      b. Children nine (9) years through twelve (12) years of age may use the library unattended providing proper behavior is maintained. However, children who come to the library unattended on a regular basis (2 or more days weekly) may stay only two hours unattended each day.

January 2022

  • Please limit time in library to 1 hour. During the hour, a patron must be using library resources. Loitering is not permitted. It is NOT permitted for children to use the library as a location to wait for parents to pick them up after school, unless they are 9 years of age or old AND are using library resources respectfully for a 1 hour maximum. 
  • No children allowed alone in the library under the age of 9 without an ADULT Guardian.
  • Facemasks are strongly encouraged.
  • Curbside services still available upon request. 

The library provides a curbside holds pickup service.

1. Place your items on hold.
• Go to our catalog and place the items you’d like on hold.
• If you need assistance placing your holds, please call us at 920-478-3344.

2. Come and get your items.
• Enter the library parking lot and pull up near the entrance.
Open your trunk or back window in your vehicle. Then return in your vehicle.
• Call 920-478-3344 to let us know you have arrived.
• Hold your library card up to your window and staff will check the barcode number.
• A staff member will place your holds in your trunk or back window.
Please do not give items to be returned to staff members. You will need to place these in the book return.


Can I place a hold over the telephone?
Absolutely! Just call us at 920-478-3344 for help with any part of the process.

Are all materials available for pick-up?
Yes! All materials from the KJM Library and other libraries in the Bridges Library System are available to place holds and pick-up.

Do I need a library card?
Yes, you must have a library card with the Bridges Library System to use our holds pickup service. If you have a temporary e-card, please call 920-478-3344 you will need to email us a photo ID for proof of address and our staff will create a card for you. 

What if I have fines?
If you need to pay your fines, our online fine payment system is available. Just log into your account to pay your fines online.

How long do I have to pick up my materials?
You have one week from the time library staff contacts you to schedule a pick up time.

What if it is raining or snowing?
We will try our best to continue pickup service in any weather. Materials will be in plastic bags. Feel free to call 920-478-3344 if you are concerned that the weather may impact your pickup time.

What are you doing to protect the safety of patrons and staff?
The no contact service we are using provides maximum social distancing for both patrons and staff. Library staff will follow the safety guidelines set forth by Jefferson County and Center for Disease Control.

Why are you using plastic bags for pickup items?
Plastic bags are a temporary measure to protect patron privacy, protect our materials, and to limit unnecessary human contact with Library items.