Equipment Use Policy

A. Definitions:

“Library Equipment” includes, but is not limited to, equipment owned by the Library such as:

  1. Devices and aids, electrical or otherwise, used to view, listen to, print, store, or modify information or data, such as photocopiers; computers and accessories (headphones, scanners, printers, and webcams); the microfilm reader; magnifiers; television, video player, Wii System, DVD projector, eBook readers and audio book players, etc.
  2. Other devices owned by the library but available for use in certain circumstances, such as phones, kitchen equipment (microwave, coffee maker), Cricut, or cleaning equipment (vacuum cleaners).
  3. Certain items used for displays or programs, such as tables, chairs, podium, media table, easels, etc.

B. Use of Equipment in the Library

  1. The Library Director may limit or revoke the use of Library equipment, due to inappropriate library use, supply costs, or maintenance reasons.
  2. Staff computers, printers and scanners will be available for use only by staff. The Staff computers are not to be used by the public. Staff shall not store personal files on any library computer.
  3. Public Use computers are available for use in the library by patrons with their own library card or ID with a picture on a first-come, first-serve basis, subject to the conditions of the Computer Use Policy. These conditions may limit time, type of use, number of simultaneous users, type or cost or printouts, etc. in accordance with relevant laws, consideration of other, and safety. There is no charge for use of the computer; however, in order to make the service available to as many patrons as possible, a time limit for usage may be imposed during time of heavy demand. Library staff is available for general assistance in using the computer. Staff is not expected to train patrons in the use of application programs and have limited time for computer assistance due to work priorities.
  4. A printer is available for patron use. Printed documents will cost $0.15 per sheet and must be paid for at the conclusion of the session.
  5. A photocopy machine is available to patrons. However, the photocopier is located in staff area so staff will need to make any photocopies needed. The rate is $0.15 per page for B&W copies and $0.30 per page for color copies. Copy machine users are advised that there are restrictions on copyrighted materials.
  6. Faxing services are provided by the library at a charge of $0.50 cents per page in the state of Wisconsin and $1.00 per page out of the state of Wisconsin.
  7. Scanning services are provided by the library at no charge.
  8. The Microfilm Reader must be used in the library building. Microfilm material will be available to all patrons of the library under the supervision of a librarian. Printouts from microfilm shall be paid for at the posted rate.
  9. The Library telephones are primarily for staff use but may occasionally be used to make essential local (non-fee) calls, or other calls approved by staff. Calls should be kept short, civil, and quiet, so as to not disturb other library users.
  10. The television, video players, Wii system, laptops, Chromebook, iPads, projector and screen (and any necessary accessories) are available for use in the Karl Junginger Memorial Community rooms for programs or instructional purposes, or other uses in the library that may be approved by the Library staff. Problems and malfunctions should be immediately reported to staff.
  11. A Luxeon Computer Projector is available for use, checked out by patron with library card, at the discretion of the Library Director.
  12. The library’s reading devices such as e-book readers, and audio book players may be checked out subject to their individual policies.
  13. Easels, whiteboard, tables, chairs, podium, etc. are available for use in the Karl Junginger Memorial Library community rooms and be checked out of the library at the discretion of the Library Director or Assistant Director.
  14. Kitchen equipment (fridge, stovetop, microwave, coffee makers, etc.), and cleaning equipment may be used for programs and events in the Karl Junginger Memorial Library community rooms. The equipment must be left clean after use.
  15. Wii U Gaming System use policy:
  • Children under the age of 9 must be accompanied by an adult to check out and use the gaming equipment.
  • In order to use the gaming equipment patrons must have a valid KJM Library card in good standing.
  • In checking out gaming equipment the patron agrees to be responsible for the equipment and abide by the Wii U Gaming System
  • Gaming equipment is available for use during all hours the library is open, up to 30 minutes before closing, and equipment is available on a first come first serve basis.
  • Game playing shall be limited to one 60-minute session per day per patron.
  • Only 4 patrons will be allowed to play at one time.
  • Patrons using the Wii must wear the wrist leash. Patrons who fail to use the leash will lose their privileges for that day.
  • Patrons may only use the gaming equipment and games provided by the library. Memory cards, games, or extra accessories not provided by the library, will not be allowed.
  • Patrons will not attempt to disconnect, remove, or otherwise alter the arrangement of gaming equipment. Anyone tampering with equipment in any manner will result in the loss of gaming privileges for the day.
  • Malfunction or defects in the equipment or system should be reported to staff immediately.
  • Patrons may be held financially responsible for broken, damaged, or dysfunctional equipment caused by misuse.
  • Patrons using the Wii are asked to respect others by keeping volume and noise at an acceptable level. This includes no inappropriate language or actions. Patrons that are disrespectful of others and the library policies will lose gaming privileges for the day. For repeat offenses, other appropriate action, in keeping with the library’s Code of Conduct Policy, will be taken.
  • Library programs and special events will take precedence over individual patron use of gaming spaces, gaming collections, and equipment.

C. Library Equipment Loan Policy

  1. Certain library equipment may be borrowed at no charge, for use at programs or events presented in the library, or for community use outside the library.
  2. Certain library equipment may be borrowed for personal home use. Any person borrowing library equipment must have a valid Karl Junginger Memorial Library card.
  3. The length of the check-out period shall be determined by policy, Library Director or Assistant Director, and in response to borrower’s needs and other public demand.
  4. Equipment will be inspected and inventoried after each use and is assumed to be in good working condition at the time of pick up. The cost of any repairs or replacements due to mishandling, or loss of equipment while checked out must be assumed by the borrower. A replacement fee will be assessed to the borrower for any equipment or accessories damaged beyond repair, lost, or stolen, or if repairs will cost more than the purchase of a suitable new, equivalent item.
  5. Borrowing privileges may be suspended or revoked if such costs are not paid, or if library regulations are violated in any way, including late return of equipment when needed by others.

Approved: 05/27/04

Amended: 12/16/08, 01/13/15, 08/17/16, 03/14/2017, 10/08/2019, 04/26/2022