Summer Reading Program 2021 – June 7 – July 30

Registration begins May 24!

In Beanstack, you can view the available activities, enter your reading progress, write book reviews and more. You will receive prizes as you progress and be entered into drawings at the end of the summer.

How it Works

To get the most out of your summer reading experience, we recommend that you create a Beanstack account.  Parents can also create accounts for their children under one family username and password.  To register, visit the Beanstack website or download and login through the Beanstack Tracker app – search by Karl Junginger Memorial Library.

Beanstack app available for iOS and Android. Once you’ve registered on the app, tap on the picture of the reading challenge:

Beanstack will automatically direct you to the appropriate activities based on your age.

*Note: For children with ages that could be between programs, two summer program options may be given. Once you select their reading program option they will need to stay with that program for the summer. Additionally, older teens can make the choice to join the adult reading program, but adults should ONLY participate in the adult reading program.

There are four age group challenges with their own reading requirements:

  • Early Literacy (preschool and younger)
  • Juvenile (ages 6 – 11 / school age independent readers)
  • Teens (ages 12 – 18)
  • Adults (ages 19 and older)

In order to be contacted about prizes and drawings, an email address or telephone number will be necessary as part of your Beanstack profile.

For more information and FAQ, click here.

*Note: For those that don’t have internet access, a paper form of the summer program can be provided.