When a reader is enrolled in a challenge with tickets and ticket prize options and using the mobile app, it’s easy to deposit their earned tickets toward the prize options of their choosing!

  1. When readers earn a badge with tickets attached to it, the earned badge notification shows the earned tickets. Tapping the tickets takes them to the Ticket Drawing tab of their challenge.
  2. If they choose not to enter their tickets right away, readers can view their tickets and prize options at any time by tapping the Discover compass icon at the bottom of their screen, selecting their reading challenge, and then tapping the Ticket Drawings tab.
  3. In the Ticket Drawings tab, all the reader’s available tickets are listed along with the challenge’s ticket prize options, their end dates, and the number of tickets already entered.
  4. Readers can tap on a ticket prize option to view its description.
  5. And to change the tickets deposited toward that price, readers click “Add/Remove Tickets,” tap the “+” or “-” buttons, and then confirm.
  6. They can continue editing their ticket entries until 11:59 p.m. on the ticket prize option’s end date.

As the reader continue to earn badges and tickets, they can put those tickets toward any available ticket prizes at any time before their end dates (last day is JULY 29). If a reader doesn’t apply their earned tickets toward any prize options before the ticket end dates, then they won’t have any entries in the drawings.