Current Guidelines for room use: The Junginger Community Room can be rented for up to 25 people. The Hyer Conference Room can be rented for up to 3 people.

Masks will be strongly recommended while using these areas.
Social distancing state protocols should be followed.

The Karl Junginger Memorial Library has two rooms that can be rented by the public. Required Meeting Room Forms

The Junginger Community Room has the capacity to seat up to 175 people.  It is furnished with a kitchen, a large projection screen, six large tables, and has access to equipment for your multimedia needs.

The Hyer Conference Room is suitable for smaller groups and meetings.  It has computer access, one large conference table and seating for up to 14.

While you consider whether or not either facility will meet your needs, we recommend that you review the Library’s policy on Facility Use & Procedures, which governs the use and rental costs of both these rooms. Please be aware that both these rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  The Library’s programs have priority in reserving these rooms, but we usually plan these at least one month in advance. We recommend that you call the library at 920-478-3344 to determine if the room you desire is available for the date and time you desire.  We will be happy to accommodate your group if at all possible.

Please note:

Once the reservation form, deposit (if applicable) and self-addressed stamped envelope has been submitted and you have gone through a brief orientation, your reservation for either room will then be definite.

The Library staff reserves the right to determine what rental fees your group should be paying, in keeping with the Facility Use policy of the library.