404. Monetary Donations, Memorials and Bequests

A. Monetary Donations, Memorials and Bequests

The library requests that all donations to the library be unrestricted. The Board of Trustees will review all donations over $2,500 in value.

Upon receiving notice of a donation, memorial, or bequest, the Board of Trustees will evaluate what, if any, conditions are attached to the donation, memorial, or bequest. If the conditions are burdensome to the library, or do not comply with the library’s Materials Selection Policy, the Board of Trustees will seek to negotiate modifications with the donor or court of competent jurisdiction. If that cannot be done, the donation, memorial, or bequest will be declined. The Board of Trustees reserves the right to use and dispose of donated items in the manner most useful to the library.

Once a donation, memorial, or bequest is accepted subject to conditions, the Board of Trustees and staff will comply with the conditions and/or restrictions imposed. Compliance of the conditions will be reviewed annually.

B. Trusts

Money left to the library in a trust will be budgeted and spent in the same manner as money allocated by other sources. The trustee has sole responsibility for the investments of the trust but the Board of Trustees may request that investments be made to enhance income or growth. A quarterly trustee report will be available for review by the Board of Trustees.

Part A: Approved 08/10/96; Amended 6/19/07
Part B: Approved 08/10/95; Amended 6/19/07
Reviewed 1-13-15