Rose Marie-Juice Joint Owner. As the widow to Louie Marie, the original Juice Joint owner, Rosie not only inherited a gold mine, but the power that comes with it. It is hard to say, is Rosie out to avenge her husband’s death or capitalize on it? Female. Bossy and authoritative. Small speaking role.

Notorious Nick Nemetz- North Side Mob Boss. Since the rise of organized crime, Nick’s operation has done nothing but prosper. With Nick having so much power, he seems to have a lot going for (and against) him. Male. A real mob father. He easily commands the respect of others. Small speaking role.

Natalie Nemetz- Notorious Nick’s Sister. Annoyed by her brother’s over protective nature, Natalie has been keeping more than secrets from Nick. Female. Spoiled rotten and knows it. Natalie is used to getting her way and EVERYTHING she wants.

Mugsy Malone- North Side Henchman. As Nick’s right-hand man, Mugsy has worked hard to gain his position in the mob organization and will stop at nothing to keep it. Male. Slimy and a bit of a heel. He takes orders well.

Cy Ramsey- Juice Joint Bouncer and North Side Gang Member. Cy’s success in Nick’s operation could be considered a threat to those in the operation-and those opposing it. Male. Conniving and controlling. He is a man with ambition and the drive to get what he wants.

Kitty Cocktail- Cocktail Waitress at The Juice Joint. As Cy’s main squeeze, Kitty will do anything to advance her boyfriend in his chosen career. Female. In love with Cy Ramsey. Will do whatever he wants.

Southside Sal- South Side Mob Boss. It is no secret that Sal has been making a push to expand his territory. The real secret may be who is working with him. Male. Looking for advancement in his career. He is respectable, but deadly.

Flora Nemetz-Gadora- Notorious Nick’s Ex-Wife. Caught cheating, Nick divorced Flora immediately a month ago. Left without anything, Flora’s romantic interest has shifted from one mob boss to another. Female. A gold-digger at heart, always looking for a fast-paced life and self-gratification.

Molly Moll- Notorious Nick’s Girlfriend. One of the most popular women in town, Molly had no interest in Nick until she realized what he could do for her movie career. Female. A prima donna. Molly loves to be the center of attention and will go to all lengths to get it.

Hal Hollywood- Movie Director. Hal is in town to cast for his next project-the first talking picture. Since this project will be one that will make history, Hal is taking his time in casting his lead lady, for he knows his decision will have a lasting impact. Male. Hal knows Hollywood, but not the Chicago underworld. He is easily scared and a bit skiddish.

Dina Diva- Juice Joint Singer. Dina’s voice and stage presence seem to be exactly what Hal is looking for. Dina won’t let anyone come between her and her dreams of starring on the big screen. Female. Confident and proud. She may be outspoken about her abilities.

Mayor Biggs- Mayor. As the head of the city, the Mayor’s power is what many seek. However, is it the Mayor who is really calling the shots or are the decisions coming from someone else? Male. He follows direction easily and is easily bribed. He is a fast-talker and tries to please everyone.

Mabel Biggs- The Mayor’s Wife. Mabel considers herself the brains behind the Mayor and she will not let him do anything that could ruin his political career. Female. Commanding and controlling over her husband. She thinks she always knows best.

Chief Cameron- Police Chief. As the city’s main law enforcement officer, Cameron enforces the Mayor’s decisions…but whose side are they really on? Male or female. Bold and commanding, they can be abrasive at time. Frustrated when they are not in control.

Cindy Butt- Cigarette Girl at The Juice Joint. Responsible for ruining many lives, Cindy doesn’t stop at spreading rumors to get her way. Female. Vindictive, ruthless and scheming. She shows no remorse for evil things that may lurk in her past and she is quick to lie about them.

Bernie Booz- Bootlegger. Bernie had one of the most successful bootlegging businesses in town before Notorious Nick had them blacklisted. Will Bernie’s business end up dying for their mistake or will someone else? Male or female. Fast-talking businessperson with an underground agenda. Bernie will go to all lengths to save their business.

Gino Gin- Bartender. As the eyes and ears of The Juice Joint, Gino may know more than they let on. Male or female. A good listener and even better at scheming, they will have no shame in exploiting others.

Flirty Flapper- Juice Joint Patron. It is no secret that Flirty is looking for a man with power and she will stop at nothing to get it. Female. Bold, modern and looking for what she wants. Flirty won’t let anyone get in her way.

Anna Marie- Rosie’s daughter. Still mourning the loss of her father, Louie Marie, Anna is ready to seek revenge at whatever cost. Female. Spoiled and naive. Anne doesn’t always know what she is up against.

P.I. Pinkerton- Private Investigator. As the private detective on the scene, P.I.’s job will be to take charge, decipher the clues, and discover the truth. Male or female. Inquisitive and curious by nature. Must be comfortable speaking in front of a crowd and questioning individuals.

Good suggestions for couples: Notorious Nick Nemetz & Molly Moll, Cy Ramsey & Kitty Cocktail, Southside Sal & Natalie Nemetz, Mayor Biggs & Mabel Biggs or Flirty Flapper