1. Programs

The Library supports its mission of striving to bring people, information ideas together to enrich lives and strengthen our community by developing and presenting a broad range of programs which enrich, enlighten, and entertain our diverse community. It may utilize library staff, books, library and community resources, resource people, displays, and media presentations.  In addition to library initiated programming and displays, the Library may choose to co-sponsor programs and displays with the Friends of the Library and with other agencies, organizations, and educational institutions.

Programming is an integral component of library services, for people of all ages and all Library programs are open to the public. Programs will be offered free of charge, except for those that serve as library fundraisers. The Library’s philosophy of open access to information and ideas extends to Library programming, and the Library does not knowingly discriminate through its programming

Professional performers and presenters that reflect specialized or unique expertise may be hired for Library programs; performers and presenters will not be excluded from consideration because of their origin, background, or views, or because of possible controversy. Animals that are part of Library sponsored programs must be accompanied at all times by their handler and/or trainer. Opinions and views expressed in the programs and displays are not the opinions of the library board or staff.

Programs will be available on a first-come, first serve basis. The Library reserves the right to deny attendance to anyone becoming disruptive to audience members, the program facilitator, library staff, and anyone in violation of the Library’s Code of Conduct Policy.

Program participants should expect that photographs/video will be taken at events and used on the Library’s social media sites and/or website. Participants may request that their image not be used by the library by speaking with library staff in charge of the program.

Programs may be held on site or off site. Performers interested in selling merchandise at a program must get approval by the Library Director.

Amended: 06/25/2003; 05/22/2007, 02/09/2021

Reviewed: 07/14/2015, 08/08/2017