405. Reconsideration of Material Policy

The Karl Junginger Memorial Library fully endorses the principles documented in the Library Bill of Rights and the Freedom to Read Statement of the American Library Association. Materials available in the library present a diversity of viewpoints, enabling citizens to make the informed choices necessary in a democracy. The library also selects a wide variety of library materials that satisfy the diverse interests of our community. The library upholds the right of the individual to secure these resources, even though the content may be controversial, unorthodox, or unacceptable to some. The library’s varied collection is available to all; however, it is not expected that all of the collection will appeal to everyone.

The Karl Junginger Memorial Library recognizes that the choice of library materials by library users is an individual matter. While an individual may reject materials for themselves they cannot exercise censorship to restrict access to the materials by others. Parents or guardians have the right to guide the reading, viewing, and listening of their children but must give the same right to other parents/guardians.  Recognizing that a diversity of materials may result in some requests for reconsideration, the following procedures have been developed to ensure that objections or complaints are handled in an attentive and consistent manner. Once an item has been approved for purchase, based on the Selection of Materials Policy 401 of the Board of Trustees and the criteria for selection, it will not be automatically removed upon request.

Any individual expressing an objection to or concern about any library material should receive respectful attention from the staff member first approached. This staff member should use their best judgment in attempting to answer the concerns or clarify the situation. If the individual is not satisfied with the explanation received, the staff member should offer the option of speaking with a supervisor.  After speaking with the supervisor the individual may fill out a “Request for Reconsideration” form, one form per item.  The individual may ask for reconsideration in the following manner:

  1. The complainant will be offered the opportunity to discuss their concern with the Library Director and/or staff person responsible for the selection. If the complainant is dissatisfied with the discussion and wishes to pursue the issue, they will be required to complete in full and submit a “Request for Reconsideration” form. Any person has the right to express concerns about library resources and expect to have the objection taken seriously. Only residents can complete a reconsideration form. Others can submit a comment form.
  2. The material must be read, viewed, or listened to in its entirety by the complainant to be reconsidered.
  3. The questioned item will be considered in its entirety, not judged solely on portions taken out of context.
  4. The Library Director will review the “Request for Reconsideration” form, and the item itself, and research any available reviews on the item.
  5. During the process of reconsideration, questioned materials remain in the active collection until an official decision is made.
  6. Within 60 days of receiving the “Request for Reconsideration” form, the Library Director will communicate their decision in writing to the complainant seeking reconsideration.
  7. If the complainant desires further action: they may submit a written appeal within 7 calendar days to the Library Board of Trustees, requesting a hearing before the Board. If a hearing is granted, the complainant will be notified of when they may address the Board. The Board of Trustees reserves the right to limit the length of the presentation and the number of speakers at the hearing. The Board will determine whether the request for reconsideration has been handled in accordance with the stated policies and procedures of the Karl Junginger Memorial Library. Based on this determination, the Board may vote to uphold or override the decision of the Director.
  8. The Library Board’s decision is final.
  9. The complainant will be notified in writing of the Library Board’s decision.

Previous Reconsideration Requests

Requests to reconsider materials that have previously undergone the reconsideration process will be referred to the Library Director. Repeated or redundant requests by an individual or a group to reconsider materials with differing titles but similar content will be restricted as follows:

  • The library will not accept requests for materials that have been reconsidered within the past three years.
  • If the Library Director concludes a request may be redundant, the Director will notify the complainant(s) that the item(s) in question, having already undergone a thorough review and reconsideration process, will not be reevaluated.Adopted: 06/24/1971

    Amended: 07/01/1981, 01/10/1990, 03/25/2004, 10/26/2006, 02/15/2017, 10/25/2022

    Reviewed: 02/11/2020