If you already have a library card, you do not need to register. If your card has expired, your address has changed, or you have forgotten your PIN, please email pjacob@waterloo.lib.wi.us for assistance.
  1. To register for a new library card online start here: https://www.cafelibraries.org/polaris/logon.aspx?header=1
  2. Then click on: Need a library card? Click here to register now.
  3. Choose Karl Junginger Memorial Library and enter 53594.
  4. Fill out the form.

After you submit your form, you will be given a temporary library card barcode that will give access to Libby, hoopla, and all of the library’s e-resources. This will be good for 60 days. Once the library is open you will be able to come in and finish the registration process and receive a physical card.