1. Unattended Children Policy


  • To ensure the safety and well-being of children, and to maintain an atmosphere of constructive library use.
  • The Karl Junginger Memorial Library welcomes library use by children, and library staff members are available to assist children with library materials or services. The library desires to provide a safe and appropriate environment for visitors of all ages.
  • The library is not equipped, and it is not the library’s role, to provide long-term or short-term child care.
  • Sharing this environment with other people requires that all follow the Rules for Patron Code of Conduct that have been established by the Board of Library Trustees and are available by request or on the Library website.


  • All children eight (8) years of age or younger shall, at all times, be attended and adequately supervised by a responsible adult or mature adolescent twelve (12) years of age or older while they are using the library; this includes while children are participating in library programs unless otherwise specified.
  • Children nine (9) years through twelve (12) years of age may use the library unattended providing proper behavior is maintained
  • Children who come to the library unattended on a regular basis (2 or more days weekly) may stay only two hours unattended each day.
  • Children may be considered unattended if causing disturbances, even if parent/guardian is in the library building.
  • All children should have the name and telephone number of someone who can assist them in an emergency or if they have been suspended from the library.
  • Teenagers are considered as adult library patrons. Nonetheless, their parents or guardians are still legally responsible for their behavior. Therefore, they should have emergency contact information available.
  • The library Director has the authority to alter the policy of age limit supervision requirements according to adapt to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Loitering is prohibited on all library property. Loitering is defined as sitting or standing idly about, sleeping or wandering about without any discernible legitimate reason either inside the library building or, outside the library building in areas which obstructs other library patrons access to the library. The use of outside library benches and patio tables for sleeping or lying down is also prohibited.

Staff Intervention 

  • In all situations, children with disruptive behavior will be asked to leave the library building and property. Procedures for inappropriate behavior will take effect immediately. If necessary the staff will not hesitate to call police if a situation warrants it.
  • Library staff will attempt to contact the parent or guardian of an unattended child. In the event that the parent or guardian cannot be contacted, the child will be placed in the care of the Waterloo Police Department.

Library Closing

  • The Karl Junginger Memorial Library assumes no responsibility for children left unattended on library premises, including prior to or following all scheduled events.
  • Under no circumstances will library staff provide a ride home to a child nor will a child remain in the building with a single staff member.
  • If a child twelve (12) years of age or under has not been picked up at closing the situation may be referred to the Waterloo Police.

If you have concerns about what your child (of any age) reads or watches, we recommend that you visit the library with them. The library cannot act in the place of parents/guardians in providing direct supervision of children as they explore library media.


Amended: 01/28/2014, 05/19/2017, 08/11/2020, 08/24/2022