Patron’s Rights and Responsibilities
The Karl Junginger Memorial Library recognizes a policy of open access to all collections, formats, and types of materials housed within its confines by all individuals and does not abridge or deny access to any materials because of age, background, origin, or views.

This policy of open access is acknowledged by the American Library Association, the Library Bill of Rights, and by the Karl Junginger Memorial Library Board of Trustees.

Libraries and governing bodies maintain that parents or legal guardians, and only parents or legal guardians, have the right and responsibility to restrict access of their children, and only their children, to library resources. Librarians and governing bodies have a professional and public obligation to provide equal access to all library resources for all library users.

Patrons must bring their library card, or provide a library barcode on a smart device and verbal confirmation of address to the staff when checking out materials from the library. Patrons of the public library assume responsibility for library items checked out to them. Included in this responsibility is the obligation by the patron to reimburse the library for all damaged or lost materials as well as settling any charges accrued by the patron for overdue materials.