450. Wireless Internet Service

The Karl Junginger Memorial Library provides free wireless internet access throughout the building. The service is provided as an information and education source in support of its role as a community center.

  1. In using the wireless connection, the library patron abides by the library’s “Acceptable Use Policy”. This policy allows the library to collect statistics on wireless usage.
  2. The library cannot guarantee internet speed or quality of connection. Speed is dependent on the number of concurrent users and types of applications being run.
  3. Library staff is not trained in configuring users’ laptop or handheld computers or installing any devices or software on patron owned computers or devices.
  4. The Library cannot guarantee the privacy of data transmitted across the wireless network.
  5. The user is responsible for all aspects of computer security when using his/her own equipment to access the wireless network. This includes antivirus, privacy protection and system integrity.
  6. The library is not responsible for damage to a user’s equipment.
  7. All patrons are expected to use the library’s wireless access in a legal and responsible manner. Patrons will not violate federal, Wisconsin or local laws, including the transmission or receiving of pornographic or harmful materials, fraud or downloading of copyrighted material.
  8. Any restriction or monitoring of a minor’s access to the Library’s wireless network is the sole responsibility of the minor’s parent or guardian.

Approved: 12/22/2009

Reviewed: 3/14/2017, 04/10/2018, 03/15/2022